Design Academy lecture schedule

Location: Trend Area, C90, Hall 3

*Admission to Design Academy is free by Heimtextil Russia free ticket.

18 September, Tuesday: Textile & Design
10:30-11:30 Details and combination in the design of curtains: ideas and techniques from famous world decorators 
Natalya Zorina,
Heimtextil 2018/2019 Trends: The Future is Urban
Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlistituut Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Creation of classical interior. Textile as a source of inspiration, means of implementation, wealth of ideas
Anna Razumeeva-Smirnova, Interior designer, supported by Council of Experts
13:30-14:30 Photoshooting textile products - from professional commercials to a personal account on Instagram. Analisys, ideas, specifics for decorators and showrooms
Liza Eshva, Artistic director, Photgrapher, Interior stylist
Heimtextil 2018/2019 Trends: The Future is Urban
Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlistituut Amsterdam, the Netherlands
15:30-16:30 How to create fashionable textile. Fashion in textile. Trends in textile. Comprehension. Universal and different ideas. Way from haute couture to each of us
Tatiana Maneeva, fashion sociologist, interior designer, ADDI member. Supported by ADDI
16:30-17:30 Aspects of choice and specialties of textile decoration of modern premium-class interior Anna Karpova, Architect, Interior Designer, supported by Council of Experts
19 September, Wednesday:  Interior design for hotels and restaurants
11:00-12:00 Press conference Heimtextil 2019 and Heimtextil 2019/2020 Trends: Towards Utopia Olaf Schmidt, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Germany and Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlistituut Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Design of restaurants. Expectation and reality. 10 questions you will face while designing
Sergey Stankevich, founder of Restomania. Supported by ArchDialog
Equipment of restaurants. Where and what to choose. Requirements and rules of catering establishments
Olga Strelkova, Market manager, Head of sales of the company which offers design and full equipment to HoReCa enterprises. Supported by ArchDialog
Contract design fabrics: reasons and specialties of use in public and private interiors Elena Gilmanova, General director of Treartex company, Russia
4 concepts in Interior design of restuarants. How to choose interior decoration depending on the business model. What you should refuse and without what the premise will lose clients
Speaker: Anton Kononenko, Architect. Supported by ArchDialog
15:45-16:30 Mini hotels. How to make cool interior and not to exeed the budget
Tatiana Tsimbalistova,  interior designer of public places. Supported by ArchDialog
17:00-18:00 Heimtextil Russia Design Awards ceremony
20 September, Thursday: Design Education
10:30-11:30 How to automatize complectation for a design project and guide your client along the set purchase route Ivan Lugansky, Commercial director, Goodzone. Supported by Union od Designers and Architects
What a modern European interior looks like. Focus on textile
Maria Solovieva-Sosnovik, Interior designer, Journalist, graduate of Higher School of Environmental Design (MARCHI)
12:30-13:30 History of textile print: the famous Stroganov School
Ekaterina Polyakova, chairperson Design-Textile Department, Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, PhD, member of CIETA and the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
13:30-14:30 Modern trends in textile  prints
Angela Scherbakova, Art History PhD, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Decorative and Applied Arts and Textile, Kosygin Russian State University 
14:30-15:30 Rules and methods of choosing drapery and textile for interior
Irina Samokhina, Senior teacher in International School of Design (IDS)

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